Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Poetry is....

Hey everybody. It's late but I thought I'd at least try to put up something from 5th period, seeing as how no one else has. Please don't take that as accusatory, but I agree with Ms. Schoene that we need a sign-up sheet. We started out by touching base with our lit. review groups (Reminder: email Ms. Schoene your part, make sure to sign it and put 5th period in the file name). Afterward be read the introduction to Sound and Sense, which was not as enjoyable as ripping it out, but we can't be too greedy. We discussed the relative importance of poetry. The general consensus seemed to be that poetry was spiritually enriching, but not vital for survival. We delved the concept of music as poetry, during which Shaina read the choral piece for graduation and there collective sighing and clutching of hearts. We also touched on the metaphor of the black abyss from the movie Garden State. Well, that's about it. Sorry it's not more specific, Ms. Schoene, but I caught your post too late. See you all tomorrow!


First Period News- 8-31-05

Hello Everyone and Happy Last day of August!!!
Okay so I was late again to first period...But that's not the point, this information is still reliable because I only missed 5 minutes. Anyways, when I walked in Ms. Schoene was just making some comments about The House of Spirits novel and she pointed out that repetition is a key technique used by writers to emphasize things. The example she gave is when Clara in the novel is watching Rosa be cut open and as she continues to watch, Allende kind of repeats this image in several different ways over and over again. I raised my hand but Ms. Schoene didn't call on me...I guess this is the penalty for being late to class (just kidding). What I was going to say was that maybe this repetition of words (like not moving on to a new idea) maybe also represents Clara's inability to move on as she also pauses in time in a sense by not talking for a while.
Anyways, after this short discussion, we were given a book about poetry and literature called Sound and Sense and she began to talk about poetry/ literature. She introduced the topic by first talking about the Dead Poets Society movie that most everyone had watched, and commented about how the teacher told the students to rip out their introductions. The she began to read us the introduction in the book. During this time we talked about how people may have too narrow a mind set about poetry, and how poetry is important for more things than just enjoyment, but more importantly, and I quote "It is sensual to existence." My favorite line from the book is when the author states that without poetry "We are spiritually impoverished" which I totally agree with (By the way I am aware that the quotes I just put are not cited but I swear I am not plagiarising and I think we can live without a citation for a quote just this once!!!).
After this we somehow got off to talking about happiness and we decided that it is hard to be happy and that a lot of people are not happy but they try to do things that make them think they are happy, for instance as JAkki suggested buying a red corvette. This tied in because we also decided that literature makes people happy. As an example, Ms. Schoene shared with us her fourth grade experience with Heidi which was also touching...If you missed and didn't hear it because you were zoning out..TOUGH...Just kidding, I am sure if you ask her she will tell you about it. Basically at the end of the period, we generalized the discussion to the idea that literature can help us live more intense lives with new experiences and clarification. It is indeed a means of living.
Finally, we started talking about marveling at birds, which got off topic to MPR listeners, and Meryl's sad stories which she heard on MPR...But nothing else was really important.
Okay I think this entry is pretty detailed and hopefully helpful <- check out my alliteration (yes I know, typical IB student).
By the way, Ms. Schoene commented that the earlier you turn in you college essay, the higher you are on the list for getting it returned so lets get those essays done kids!
I hope you had a wonderful August and are ready for September because its going to be amazing!


6th perioddd

I know I'm not nearly as funny as the other contributors, and you'll all probably cringe if I attempt some humor, so forgive me for the dryness of this entry. At the beginning of class we discussed House of the Spirits a little, but we talked about it a lot yesterday so we didn't really spend much time on it today. We went over yesterday's blog, and I interrupted with some musings on Frank's compilation of David-isms, but we quickly returned to the schedule and started our discussion on the introduction of Sound and Sense. The title of the introduction was "What is Poetry?" but I found that the passage didn't really answer that question; it was more concerned with why we read/write/appreciate poetry and why poetry should be central to our existance. In fact, we spent the rest of the class debating what poetry actually was (words? song lyrics? music? cells?) and whether or not you could survive without it. Our class was pretty evenly split and some people even changed their minds halfway through. There were a lot of good arguments and comments made (I really enjoyed the poetry as a nutrient comment) but I don't think we came to any definite conclusion. The bell rang mid-comment and the day was over, but Kushal, Michelle, and I continued arguing about poetry's importance as we walked back to our lockers (and garnering strange looks along the way, but we're used to it by now).



And I'm back. And if you thought Tuesday was great, wait until you hear about the splendor called wednesday. we got into class and i was reminded that i forgot to do the iblog. i cried for about 10 minutes. I dried my tears and class began. Today was mostly devoted to poetry. We had poetry books out on our desks and we turned to the introduction. Despite the "dead poet's society" attitude towards introductions, ms. S really liked this one. It went a little something like this; poetry is the center of existance, everyone needs it, its really good, it helps us not be impoverished souls, was the first type of expression in all languages.... then suddenly and without warning... emerging from the shadows... BAM laura jakiel throws out a zinger. arguing that poetry is not important, and that it is not essential. Mudge played the "band card" and talked about how classical music can do the same thing. ms. S tried her best to convince us poetry is important and that it was not the ONLY means of spirtual enrichment, but the main one.

-rufio (ryan)


2nd period 30-31

ok, so since the "page could not be displayed" after i tried to enter this blog in about 5 minutes ago, here goes try #2. First off, sorry about missing the log for yesterday, i sincerely apologize. anyway, Tuesday's class begins and we spent that whole class period dicussing House of the Spirits. Ms. Schoene started off by making a connection to this famous, spanish, martyr, artist to Pedro Tercero. He was said to have his hands mutilated by torturers, but he kept singing while he was doing this. Pedro Tercero had his fingers cut off and he continues to play the guitar and make music. We also got into how Allende had to choose which story to include about the martyr. there was a myth that he continued to sing or whatever and then there was a real discovery of his body with his hands limp *(like they had been broken). On either account i didnt see any real relavance or importance of this, but i smiled anyway. we then proceeded to talk more about the book and made several connections to names like Alba and Rosa meaning 'sunrise' and 'pink', as well as clara and blanca being similar. we also talked about whether esteban's personality was a product of the terrible events in his life, or was it his personality that caused the events to go sour. we didnt really reach a conclusion to that. we also looked more closely at rape. raping the land, raping the nation, and raping the women. that was pretty interesting. then came my personal favorite part. POLITICAL POISON. im not kidding when i say that ms. schoene literally said Political poison about 30 times within 2 minutes. i dont think she realized it, but it amused me and then i got back into focus. we also related Rosa's autopsy to the country being gutted down the middle. pretty clever, and once again both were destroyed because of political poison. so that was fun. then i made a comment about how Rosa seemed to be alluded as a mythical Siren. i thought i was pretty clever but nobody else seemed to agree. but i didnt have to worry because ms. schoene was there for a consolation "yea, i maybe guess i could see that". thanks ms. S *muffled announcements* *bell rings*


Tuesday, August 30, 2005


6th Period

Wow on the day I write my first entry Ms. Schoene wants them to be "reliable sources" of our class discussions and not just random rantings. I'll try my best. We started off the day discussing The House of the Spirits... and we ended our day still discussing it. We were suppose to work on some Lit Review stuff but we didn't really get a chance. We touched a number of issues on THotS. The one I remember the most vividly was Barrabas and all the female dogs he killed because of his massive "masculinity". Ms. Schoene brought up the fact that nothing could keep male dogs from female dogs in heat, and thats why we neuter them nowadays. Some people thought that Barrabas could be representative of Esteban's sexual energy and how he rapes all the girls and then tosses them aside. But then Laurel brought up the point that sometimes we try too hard to make things fit and they just are what they are. I think it was Sam who mentioned that Clara loved Barrabas and he was a good dog while Esteban wasn't. We also went into great detail about Rosa's autopsy and how it was a form of rape. In the Asian posse corner, I suddenly realized that Esteban Garcia and Alba are actually related through blood (I'm kind of slow) and how much more disgusting that makes his actions. I'm sure we touched on tons of other things but those are the ones I remember most. Everyone remember to finish your part of the Lit Review and send it to Ms. Schoene. Well, I gotta go eat. If you actually read all this stuff thanks for reading.

Daniel Nguyen


Here's the challenge-

For this to work for more than just rantings and asides, the logger has to take notes and be sure to get the details correct- dates, ideas, contributions. Soooo, will the loggers please make the effort during class so you are not trying to recall the details hours later. The best logs will be the ones that capture the subtle things both humorous and profound that otherwise get lost. I want this to be fun, but I also want it to be a reliable source. Is there an organizational grand master out there who would easily create a sign up sheet that I could pass around so people can sign up ahead of time and know when it's their turn to log. I read over the link to David's memorable sayings. I was surprised (although maybe I shouldn't be) how many of them I already had heard from Ms. Wilkes last year...Slouching toward infamy I'm afraid, David.
P. Schoene

Monday, August 29, 2005


Response to the Grandmaster_Tron_Overlord_of_Funk

So David, is the Winx Club your replacement for Sailor Moon?...So anyways, this is my first time reading and writing in the blog. Yes, I know it's sad. My first posting is a response to David's posting about a hot new show regarding teenage witches on cartoon network. Teenage witches...but then again I suppose we shouldn't expect anything less from David. By the way, if anyone is interesting in reading some of David's random sayings, click here. Basically it is a list of David sayings I jotted down in my planner through the years. Enough about David...I've been reading some of the postings in the blog and I would have to say that this blog is becoming really successful. A lot of us are really getting into this blog thing. I think this is a great way for us to remember what we did each day. And the great thing is that we share the burden in writing something each day so that individually we don't feel pressured to write something everyday in order to have something each day. Does that make any sense? Thanks Mr. Schoene for starting this!! Well, I have to get back to studying for that calc test we have tomorrow.


September 10 is coming

Oh man! less than two weeks until the new season of the Winx club. I wonder what the girls will do in their sophomore year at Alfea? If you don't know what the Winx Club is I can describe it. Its about a fairy school. Girls from all around the universe, go to Alfea, in the realm of Magix, to learn their Winx ( fairy magical powers). There is a Witch school at a place called Cloud Tower. These witches try to play mean pranks on the fairies, which is seriously not cool. In the first season Bloom and her friends Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna stopped the evil witches Icy Darcy and Stormy, from destroying Magix and Bloom finds out she is a princess of a planet called Sparks . Its crazy stuff. Of course, each Fairy has a different source of power. I know there is going to be a new fairy for the second season. Its going to be great. I know what you're thinking, " When can I catch the Winx fever?" well its on Cartoon Network at 5:30 pm or on Fox at 8:30 Am. You may think I am less of a man for watching this show, but in fact because I'm so open in admitting it, it actually makes me more of a man.


6th period

ok, so today in 6th period English we did another invitation to write. I think the topic was on your best MOMENT from the weekend (but Mrs. Schoene clarified that it was supposed to be just a moment). We listened to some song (I forget the title) but I thought it was good. Matt, Laurel, and maybe someone else shared, I don't remember. But I do remember that Matt was sick and Laurel wrote about sleeping (lucky girl). Mrs. Schoene then asked who would write tonights blog, but we kind of got sidetracked because Laura said she couldn't get on. We then tried to help Laura get into this "blog" thing and discussed how about 30 people were still "pending" to get into this blog. Let's see, next I believe we started talking about the Birthday Party. We got basically everything (I think) that we were supposed to get. We spent (what seemed like) a long time discussing it but I guess it was worth it because as a class we came up with pretty much all of the literary devices (Yay 6th period!) We didn't get to discuss The House of the Spirits at all. At the end of class Mrs. Schoene told us to bring in a typed copy of our section of the HOTS Lit Review. So I am writing this thing because I don't think anyone else said they would in class. I like the idea Mrs. Schoene had of signing up for updating this blog. Hope ya'll are having a FUN night!! don't forget to study for calc (if you're in it) and go to NHS meeting tomorrow afterschool (if you're in it and don't have a 7th period or after school sport). I think I covered everything, so I'll see ya'll tomorrow in class


Today in second period...Scholastic Adventures, vol. I

We began the day by coming in and taking our seats, chatter amongst the students, per usual. We were all then invited to write. The topic was about "the best moment of the weekend," due to an article picked up by Ms. Schoene about humanity and its going down the path to greatness. A small handful of students read theirs aloud, including Matt (who had a terrible weekend fileld with mishaps and Red Lobsters), Brad (who spoke of the ridiculous Brothers Grimm [yes, with two M's]), and Eric (who basically just provided a sumamry of his weekend), among others. Before we knew it, it was time to move on to the next activity. "I have a surprise for you!" Ms. Schoene announced with due glee. She then passed around copies of the short story read aloud on friday, "The Birthday Party," about a loving wife and the slightly unrequited surprise she has in store for her husband. We read it silently, a silence of unimaginable proportions. We do this, in order to come up with ideas on writing about the literary tools used in the passage. After a short period of time, we then discussed the variety of devices used in the piece, including repition, consonance, and contradicition/parallelism. Nobody in our class hit upon the big point, however; POINT OF VIEW. This is the device that everybody failed to mention, yet which played a rather large part in the overall story (it is, after all, kind of what we've been discussing in our own writing activities). We were then read the blog post of some whiny teenage angst-ridden kid (who, due to my forgetful nature, shall be reffered to as Eduardo). Eduardo had to write on the story for his AP test, and he bombed it. Ms. Schoene emailed him, asking for more details. Eduardo, being foolish, simply repeated the same exact things in his email as had already been stated in his blog post. Ms. Schoene then asked that we write on a piece of paper what we thought of the previous days' activities, which we, in turn, turned in to her. We concluded the day by discussing the title of House of the Spirits, coming up with a variety of interpretations (the house being Chile? the house being the one on the end of the street? spirits being ghosts? humanity? ancestors?!?). Yours truly was asked to write in the blog about today's proceedings, which he more than happily agreed to.

Of course, it wouldn't be too bad to get offered an automatic A+ on our next test.

But, hey, that's just a thought.

And there you have it, my summary filled with danger, intrigue, adventure, and a whiny kid named Eduardo.



First Period

Hello boys and girls! I hope all is well with everyone in Senior IB land.

Today in English we began with an invitation to write. The subject was... our best or worst moments during our weekends. While we wrote. Ms. Schoene played a really pretty bluegrass song entitled "We're All in This Together." I'm wondering who sang it. Leonore and Vaish both shared and their writing was lovely, as usual.
Then, we had a few brief announcements/reminders. The Scarlet Letter Quiz is Sept. 6 and the College Essay Assignment is due the 16th (but i don't really think it's due then, I might have just seen the 6 and transposed that into my notes).
Ms. Schoene next asked us to respond to the creative writing we've been doing over the past few days and verbalize (on paper) whether or not we found the writing useful in helping to identify literary devices in the works we analyze.
We concluded our class with a discussion of House of The Spirits. We talked about the blending of the fictional and real in plot and character that Allende uses in order to make her story more universal. We also discussed how the characters represent philosophies and ideas rather than indviduals. If anyone wants to brrow my notes they are more then welcome to them.

Other then that, not much else happening.
See everyone tomorrow. I'll try really hard to be at school on time instead of the 5 minutes late I have been walking in. I promise I want to come to class on time, my alarm and I just have issues.


Friday, August 26, 2005


2nd period

Okay, I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing, but here goes a summary for second period (even though all we has was TOK). TOK involved a thorough discussion of mathematics. Arup seemed to particularly enjoy today (right up his alley). Mudge was greatly picked on. Ms. Schoene provided a couple literal definitions of math. I've been gone for a couple of days, but I believe that all of us have to keep out application essays and recommendation formats in mind? Apologies, I tend to be concise in writing (especially online- computers hate me), and I think I'm done... feel free to correct me in this thought. :-) Have a fun weekend.


A Few Loose ends and then - have a good weekend.

First, call me either Ms. or Mrs. The whole purpose of creating the Ms. back in the 70's was to do away with the titles making a distinction between married and unmarried women. Men are Mr. whether they are married or not, so women were supposed to be called Ms. whether they were married or not. But the backlash against feminism caused the Mrs. to be retained by many. I am married, but I prefer the Ms. I usually sign emails to students as P. Schoene since I am more inclined for the informal anyway.
Now, I got feedback today that you all are not feeling totally comfortable with your understanding of THOTS. BUT WE ARE NOT FINISHED WITH THE BOOK YET. I know my interruption to do my demo lesson broke the flow on THOTS, but as we start to assemble the Lit Review together, my plan is to reemphasize important points and fill in the gaps.

Also, I love that Leonore loves the narrative writing we did on Wed. and Thursday, but one of my main objectives of doing it is to improve your analytical skills. I believe that if you write narratives yourself, you will be better able to identify the literary devices writers use. So we are doing important preparation for your analysis of the unseen passage on the Paper 1 in May. But, we'll get back to that next week.
Have a good weekend, and I hope Neal throws a Doug Flutie (sp?) pass into the end zone to win the game.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Lets do this.

Today I found out a lot of things, but first I'll talk about English class and what not. Today we wrote a story about a poem we read. This poem was about love, which is not my forte. I, as usual, had to warp it into something far less romantic. Ms. Schoene pointed out that all of my stories had a criminal element to them. I think it is the train that made me want to talk about criminal activity, because there's something about a train that makes me think about crime or running away. Anyway, I wrote a story about a drug handoff and making fun of the poet for thinking it is love. Angela wrote something about love that sounded pretty impressive, but I wasn't really paying attention, as I was in the middle of finishing my own story. It was at that point that I wondered "Can I write a Story without using the words pharmaceutical distribution"? Tyler and I both pondered on that thought. I an not the right person to write about love, because I lack any sort of compassion or emotional depth, which is why I turned I love poem into something not seen by the normal person.


: )

First of all, a question. I'm seeing it both ways, but should we call you Ms. Schoene or Mrs. Schoene? Next, I just wanted to say that I really really really like the creative writing stuff we're doing in class. I know we have important other stuff to do too, but I think it'd be cool to just throw IB out the window and do this kind of thing for the rest of the year. Also, I wanted to thank you for offering us so much help on college application. It's definitely something I have anxiety about, and I'm sure others do too. P.S. Robert (or someone) can you tell me why I can not get any sort of enter/return/start new line thing to happen on this thing?


Where is second period?

OK, I think fifth period has jumped in, but where is second period. Will I hear a voice crying from the wilderness tomorrow?


I am having so much fun!

I am sorry the computer was down today so I didn't get to read about the "Asian posse's" attempt to confuse me. I noticed that you all switched desks, but honestly I don't think that Charles looks like Robert or Allen or Daniel or any of the reversals of those combinations. I think I'm down with those names. The ones I am struggling with are the Shaina, Shana, Shannine, Shareen. I don't get the people confused just the names, and then I committed Christine's major pet peeve and called her Christina. So forgive me a thousand times for any flub like that.

I want to say again how impressed I am by your writing. I know it's a challenge to write on command like that --- just start writing--- but honestly you just have to let the fear go and have fun. Writing can be fun and I think many of you have been having fun with it the past two days. And when you read a story like Birthday Party, you will look at it with a writer's sensitivity and be able to understand the impact of the choices that the writer makes. I loved the "horror sandwich" today and all of the confusion it caused because of what we thought Javier said. I am thinking Matt's story could make a steamy movie. Each of you is developing your own voice, style, tone. This really is good preparation for the IB test. I promise.
I love the blog entries Chris and Daniel wrote for Wednesday. I can't wait to read the impressions of today.
You all are wonderful writers. Mrs. Wilkes has a lot to be proud of and she loves you guys so.
I hate to give you up for TOK tomorrow, but, hey, I am reading "Sophie's World" too! and we'll get to talk philosophy in a few weeks.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Random Question

I was wondering what (if you think you have an idea) you would like to major in at college/some career ideas or dreams.

As for me, I think I would like to do something with either genetics or state department diplomacy.


Thanks Chris McBryde!

I read Ms. Schoene's "Where is 5th period?" log and decided I would write something. I soon discovered my great idea had been already taken by Chris McBryde. In any event.... yes, my CIA agent can beat up your maroon-shirted guy. That reminds me of that bumper sticker, "My kid can beat up your kid" But anyway...
Today was fun (yes, even for us math kids). I don't mean to say today was more fun than any other day, everyday is fun of course, but I meant the creative writing activity part. I am a terrible writer so I just shared the jist of my short story, but I second Chris with his praise of Shareen's poem (prose, actually). Justine, as always, had something genius to share, as did Grace, Chris, Shaina, and Tiffany.
I really enjoyed the variety of the stories shared - different points of view, different main characters, different genre... I thought it was especially interesting how we all included some aspect of our daily life in it (for example Justine and her love of art history, or Tiffany and her passion for Russian or eastern culture, or myself and my obsession with intelligence and foreign relations).
... And so I'm off...


"Just start writing!"

Well, I have decided to take up the banner for my fifth period comrades. Upon beginning class today, Mrs. Scheone read the entries from first and sixth period. Both were well written and amusing. We then embarked on the creative writing assignment involving the film. After viewing about a minute and a half of German people on a train, we wrote something inspired by the clip. Grace, Tiffany, Shaina, Shareen, Juli, Justine, and I shared our writing. (I think that's everybody, if not I apologize). Tiffany wrote about monolingual Americans, Grace about a childish husband (which amused Mrs. Scheone greatly). My writing focused on the guy in the maroon shirt, who would certainly lose a fight with Juli's CIA agent. Shaina made the girl unemployed, while Justine turned her into a "stereotypical creepy artist." Shareen's writing was the most unique: she waxed philosophic about life's journey. As we can see, our writing was very diverse, and I enjoyed exploring the creative side of writing as opposed to strictly analyzing other authors. Well,that seems about it. See you all tomorrow!


today the asian posse in the corner of the room switched personas once again. i became allen, robert became dan, allen became charles, and dan became rob. for all who do not know, our philosophy was to confuse ms. schoene with the whole "asians look alike," but unfortunately, she apparently has not succumbed to that philosophy yet.....and then a lot of people switched seats to watch 45 seconds of Before Sunrise (i think that's right), and everybody wrote a creative thing about the ending. greg, jamie, liz, matt, and ms. schoene shared theirs, and we made constructive criticism about them. quite interesting. and then mr. gordon talked his gibberish about something. and then kushal talked about steak n shake getting blown up. and then we left.



Second and Fifth periods, where are you?

OK... First and Sixth period are on board with the daily log, but no one from second or fith period has taken up the challenge. So far the entries have included summaries of our discussions and a bit of honesty about how hard you "work" in groups. Sorry for the interruption in the lit review process, but thanks so much for the great job you did today on the story writing. I was very impressed with the quality of your work. The details, the diction, the narratives you created in ten minutes were wonderful. You all are amazing and what a joy it is to have students like you. Writing in many voices and from many points of view was fun for me too. Each period I wrote from a different point of view and experimented with a different voice. We'll continue with this lesson tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


August 23, 2005 Period 1

For all of you out there who are interested, class today focused on quickly wrapping up The House of the Sprits and moving on to the lit review. The class discussion was focused on the ending. We talked about Alba forgiving Esteban Garcia and not continuing the cycle of violence. It was mentioned that one of Allende's messages in this book was ending the cycle of violence. On the topic of cycles, we also briefly explored the concept of the cyclical time and related it to the i guess "fake" foreshadowing. Most of us in class agreed that it needed a name other than foreshwadowing. The discussion was just a huge mix with Ms. Schoene bringing in Faulkner - the "grandaddy" of starting at the end and taking us to the begining. And then we discussed whether we liked Allende's writing technique, and one opinion I found particularly interesting and informative was Jackie's. She stated that all those blatant clues that Allende gives us is a way of connecting all the different characters and events. Ms. Sheone went on to explain that maybe Allende uses this to remind us, the readers, that its a memoir. Oh and before I forget, we also read Leonore's entry from last night (This is like the only thing most people remembered from class today- well at least the discussion of The House of the Spirits.)
Anyways, after the brief discussion of the book, we moved on to the lit reviews. We were divided into groups and assigned certain numbers to do for the lit review. We get time to work on them in class tomorrow, and Ms. Shoene would like it if we can start discussing the lit reviews on Thursday. So, if you don't have it done in class tomorrow, then you better make sure you have time that night to do it. You might however want to focus on the Senior Autobiography tonight, as its due tomorrow. That reminds me, I should go do mine.
See ya in class tomorrow.


anneurism (sp?)

I don't think I've ever played with a goofy font before... waiting for computer to malfunction. Me on a computer = anneurism for those who know me. Anyway, memo: do lit review AND senior auto biography tonight.:-) (I'd forget my head if it wasn't bolted on... I feel blonde, goodnight)


Senior Autobio

For the
"4. How would someone who knows you well describe you? Would you agree with his/her assessment? How have you grown or changed during your high school years?"
can we just ask others how they would describe us?
Or are we supposed to think about how they'd think if they were to think about us?
I did the former, but some people were telling me I was supposed to do the latter... And... my parents still don't want to write the addendum...



edit: test next next tuesday

NHS GENERAL MEETING - next tuesday (30 august 2005) in briel and worcester's room


G is for Gangsta

whats goin on guys? so school just ended and its my responsibility to update today. So I walked into sixth period english today and sat at my desk, usually what most people do. Mrs. Schoene began class by reading out yesterday's blogs to the class. It provided us with a small amount of humor. We wrapped up our class discussion on the House of the Spirits by talking about strong powerful women. In the past couple years, the women in the books we read were inferior to men and very weak figures. However, the women in these books were strong women, like my mom!
I think its pretty cool that a lot of the women in today's society are strong and can stand up for themselves. We than began to talk about how prostitution is legal in Nevada (SCORE!! jk) and how the government issues health test for the ladies. The discussion ended and Mrs. Schoene went over the Lit Review and the different parts to it. We then broke up into groups and "began the lit review" but most of us just talked. I cant speak for everyone but I enjoyed the "work period." Sam, Jose and I talked about reggaeton and our favorite artist. Than Michelle joined in and we started talking about how people have changed over the past three years, its kinda scary but more cool than scary. by the way, this blog thing is pretty cool. but yea...that was all that happened in english today, it was a simple, easy going, chill day. alright thats it...sorry if its kinda borring guys i really dont feel like making it interesting. I wonder how many grammar mistakes and spelling errors i made in this paper, oh well.... Remember senior shirts are on sale all week durring lunch for 10 buckaroonies each...

well peace out, kushal

Monday, August 22, 2005


I agree

I must agree with Jules on the whole there is no such thing as a dumb question. Of course there is. Let me provide you with some examples:
1. You wear glasses? -when clearly, the person is wearing them
2. Did you cut your hair?- when previously the person's hair was down to their "behind" and now it is up to their sholders
3. Have you done that (insert subject here) paper yet that's due (insert any time frame other than today here)? -we are in IB and procrastination is our favorite duh we haven't done the paper yet! (but of course we will always do out English papers WAY before they are due :)



You know how people say there is no such thing as a dumb question? I disagree. Here's how I'm proving it:
Ok, this log thing... What exactly is it? From what I understand, is it like a summary of what we discussed in class? If someone can tell me what it is (because honestly, it's gone over my head), then I volunteer for 5th period.
So I don't really like Allende, but I liked THOS, considering it was her first novel. Most of all, I enjoyed our class discussions. On that note (Allende) I disagree with Mrs. Wilkes on her short stories - I didn't like those. (Same with Sandra Cisneros' but that's another story).
Anyway, I hope ya'll have a good week!


1st Period Summary

Today we came in and everyone freaked out a little bit because the seats were different than they were when we left on Friday. You know how those IB kids can get when faced with change! : ) So once we got past that, we got started with out Invitation to Write. The prompt was a passage from The Once and Future King and featured Merlin and King Arthur talking. There was something about some number of lifetimes and what did Merlin recommend to do right now...I think I zoned out a little bit after Mrs. Schoene said that King Arthur was nicknamed Mort. I'd already started thinking about what I was going to write about. Anyway, we were supposed to write about what we do when we're feeling sad (I think). David shared. He said that he just thinks about he's better off than some people like "junkies and pedophiles". It was pretty amusing. He's a funny kid, that David (happy birthday btw). I shared too, except mine was off topic because I got fixated on the nickname thing. Then we got a handout about THOTS and read over it and highlighted on our own. We also discussed the article and the symbolism of the names of the characters. After that, we started talking about Transito Soto and her role in the book... I took notes if anyone wants to see them. I think we were just starting to discuss the final wrap up of Alba and the epilogue, but the bell rang. Mrs. Schoene also mentioned that our Scarlet Letter quiz will probably be next Tuesday. Well, I suppose that's about it. Don't forget your senior autobiography, it's due on Wedsnesday. PS. Sorry this is one overwhelming block, when I push enter, nothing happens (any ideas why???) PPS. All this free-non-essay-type writing is fun. See you kids tomorrow.


just joined!

Hi everybody! This is pretty cool and I'll make sure to log on a lot. I would gladly write summaries for 6th period but I don't want to seriously commit to it because I usually fall asleep as soon as I get home from crew and I would feel bad for not doing a good job. So maybe I can just contribute occaisionally. I really loved The House of the Spirits and thought it was a beautiful book. I was wondering if any of you have read it in Spanish and how it compares with the translated version? See everyone tomorrow. -Laurel


Blogging for the Fun of it

Blogging, is that really a word? Someone please let me know. Anyways I hope this community effort ends up well, and that we don't get so bogged down with work that we never check the blog. I attempted to tell my parents that I joined a blog and I received a 'deer in the head lights look' LOL! Oh well. Laters.


Week three begins

Week three has already begun. I loved everyone's response to the Invitation to Write (those of you who shared yours). Happy birthday to David and Maria. It's also Allen Tang's birthday on Aug 25. So happy birthday to all of the August birthdays - Grace's was on August 12.
Leonore has volunteered to do the log from first period. Will someone in second, fifth, and sixth volunteer for this week? Actually, I would like a different person for each day. Robert LiKimWa... Mrs. Wilkes told me you are a real computer whiz and a very funny guy. It's 5:45 and I am still at school... I need to get out of here!


hello world

Whee... now i'm a part of this thing. It's kind of saddening to think about how I don't have classes with many of the other IB-ers anymore.

Hey chem ppl, don't forget to do the write-up thing... How many of us are there, anyway? 5?

Oh yeah, if you want a class summary (for 6th pd):

Allen joined our class period.
We sat down.
We did a Reflective Writing.
We got back our House of the Spirits Reflective Writing.
We read an article.
We discussed the article.
We questioned the odd little beeping sound.
We decided that the odd little beeping sound was the fire alarm.
We continued to discuss the article.
We discussed the role of Barabbas in the book.
We discussed the role of time in the book.
We wondered whether the bell would go off or not.
Samantha and Ms. Schoene said they don't like fate. (edit: Sam does like fate. Ms. Schoene still doesn't like fate)
The odd little beeping sound stopped.
We discussed the "everything happens for a reason" conclusion that Alba comes to (and Mel Gibson's character in Signs).
The bell rang.
Everybody left.


This blog thing...

I agree with everyone who already mentioned it; this blog idea was certainly a great one. Kudos.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I think that each class period should have its own daily summary in case we do/discuss slightly different things. I volunteer for this week for 1st period.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Week two review

Week two - I really enjoyed all of your presentations and poems. Your enthusiasm for the House of the Spirits has made me love the book too. I was also pleased that so many of you shared your journal entries today. The quality of the writing was very good. But remember - the qualtiy does not have to be your best since these are just informal reflections without revision. Your journal writing should be worry free.
My goal is to get you all onto the blog this weekend. Then I want to start with the daily log. People can write responses to the log if they want to, but we will review in class only the summary log that someone writes each day. Does that make sense?

Monday, August 15, 2005


You all will be the teachers!

OK... this whole thing of doing a blog is a new form of communication for me. I need you all to teach me. I would like it to be relaxed and a place where we can communicate. I am not worried about proper grammar here... I don't really like being the grammar police anyway. Will you all help me get the invitaions out to the rest of the IB seniors? I started on Friday, but only got the first eight on the role of each class period.
Also, Shareen suggested that I ask for volunteers to do the log (summary and commentary on what went on in class) so that people will feel less like it is an assignment. I think it's a good idea. Will some of you who are already on the blog be the first to do the entries? Let me know if you have other suggestions, and thanks.
P. Schoene

Sunday, August 14, 2005


random comment

Just want to say that i think this is an awesome idea. This is definitely the 1st time that a teacher has done something like this. I think it's great in that a lot of people (including myself) tend to be more free in sharing ideas or just talking in general online than offline in person :) and as a sidenote....i really hope we don't have to use proper grammar....

Saturday, August 13, 2005


my thoughts

i think that this blogging idea is cool, especially since of the student population does that already. we all pretty much have our own sites, that allows our creativity to flow and helps in the self identification process. but um, my only question is would we, well i, have to type properly with the proper use of grammar and all of that? just a question. and by the way, my first week of school was good, definitely a lot better than last year, despite the conditions that we have to work with. i'm grateful.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Reflections on the first week

Read the entry from June below first.
I think the first week went pretty well... besides the long walks in the heat, the freezing portables and the too loud and too long bells. I didn't ask anyone to log for us yet, but I would like to start that the second week. I was thinking that we could take turns in alphabetical order. That way you all could remind each other whose turn is next and if someone is absent then the next person in the alpha order could log that day. I also need to set up a separate log for each class period. This whole b/logging idea is new for me, so I am going to need you all to help me figure out the details. I do think though that it could be a great way to develop our writing, to provide daily information especially for those who miss class, and to work on summarizing skills. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
P. Schoene

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