Monday, October 31, 2005


Fifth Period

Our class began today with a discussion of the definition of manhood and of what women want from men. Shareen asked Chris what he thought made a man, and Chris gave a long ambiguous answer that I don't completely recall. Susan said something uplifting about embracing people's flaws, but then Neil brought everyone down by sharing a revelation he had this summer, while cutting complimentary beef, that everyone's insecurities really never go away.
Jena was becoming increasingly puzzled so we moved on.
We read and discussed Act I Scene VI of Macbeth, in which Duncan arrives at Macbeth's and admires how lovely everything is outside -- Ms. Schoene pointed out that his discussion of the birds contrasts with Lady Macbeth's earlier discussion of a raven. I suggest if anyone missed that day that they ask Ms. Schoene to explain what a raven sounds like, because I thought that was pretty fun.
We also read scene VII, which is apparently a very important scene, and one with which Ms. Schoene suggested we should become very familiar. In this scene, Macbeth considers all the reasons he should not kill the king. He points out that he has a duty to defend the king as one of his subjects, and also he considers it a bit gauche to kill his own guest. Lady Macbeth chastises him for his cowardice and says graphic things about killing babies. We left off with Ms. Schoene's suggestion that perhaps the Macbeths simply have a severe case of empty nest syndrome.


2nd Period

Today in 2nd period we did an invitation to write about when does a man become a man, and what do women want from men, and does it play a negative role. Then we talked about Macbeth. We started off in scene 5 act 1 because we forgot to do those scenes. In that scene a Martin bird is talked about which is contrasted with raven. In the next scenes, we talked about how at first Macbeth decides not to kill Duncan because the King is his guest and Duncan is a good man and gave Macbeth titles; however, Lady Macbeth convinces Macbeth to change his mind. That is about it. Have a nice Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2005



Hey guys, I hope you all went to the Edgewater game tonight. We finally beat them, something we haven't done since b4 our class got to WP. The game was soooo intense and I am now unable to speak due to severe amounts of screaming/cheering/clarineting. If you didn't go when you could have, well I must say that you really missed out on some fun times.

Congrats to Neil and the rest of the amazing football team. My life is now complete and I can die happily.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Memo for Psych kids

Hi! Yes, I'm a dork for blogging that we did nothing in school today... BUT


addendum to Teri's post


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


10/2_/05 -Wed. 2nd

I have no idea what day it is. :-) Came into Eng. needlessly angry due to hist. (sorry) We started right off with Shakespeare, expalining and recapping on I, iii and reading I, iv and I, v. Also went over motifs throughout the play: fair vs. foul, sun vs. storm, and time. Then we got into Macbeth's inner turmoil with his desire for power and the extent to which he is willing to act (murder) to acheive it. This conflict is something NOT shared by Lady Macbeth, whose desire for power & knowledge of prospects and Duncan's visit give the audience the general impression that she wants to kill the little bastard ASAP (I indulge a little &, obviously, Duncan is probably legitimate). Macbeth & Lady are strangely close for the time period (*the word "partner"). Always pay attention to witch scenes (& not just because I think that they are fun :-). Macbeth wants the results of Duncan's murder without the memories of it, and now it's looking like he'll have to kill Malcolm too. Watch out for irony (amongst other things, Macbeth just helped to save Malcolm's life). Upcoming: the testing of Banquo (Shakespeare took this story from another author who believed Banquo a co-conspirator BUT as James was supposedly Banquo's descendant... bad idea). All upcoming but not tomorrow; I will be one of up to 5 people who attend tomorrow. :-) Anyway, I have off-the-top-of-my-head regurgitated information, incoherently as always (this is why no one in IB is dumb enough to try to borrow my notes for copy :-) Sorry... this is actually more organized than my general thought processes. I can't think of much else at the moment (ask me later maybe). Have a nice psychology field trip. :-) Happy Halloween! (I have decided that since I don't know what day it is, I'll call it Halloween & be done with it. :-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


2nd Period, Tuesday, At a Glance

Today, we started off with Mrs. Scheone speaking of extra credit, but never really explaining what it was. We somehow started speaking of a movie called Looking for Richard (which is the process to make a play on the stage [I think the problem was that 2 different people were reading the same lines?], It's Richard III).

We now have a poem to analyze, its due Friday. Our's I believe is Sonnet 30 ? Not sure about that, but its definately Shakespeare.


  1. Macbeth can be understood through political means
  2. James 1, was in power at the time of Shakespeare, He is the cousin of the (virginal) Elizabeth, the son of Mary Queen of Scots (who was killed), and his Dad was assassinated.
  3. Due to his lineage he is a little paranoid about being killed (rightfully so).
  4. He likes witchcraft and wrote a book Deamonology?

  1. Gunpowder incident
  1. THIS INCIDENT occurs somewhere in this and many other plays,
  2. THIS INCIDENT scares the people, though they are happy the plan is thwarted
  3. THIS INCIDENT is well known to the people of the time

James 1 is possible descendent of Banquo as is seen in Act 1 when Weird Sisters proclaim to Banquo that he will have descendents that are kings, but he will not be a king.

Then, switch to actual Macbeth

Act1 Scene 1

witches foreshadow events

Fair is foul and foul is fair (depending on P>O>V>) or what seems to be good isn't really good.

Act 1 Scene 2

Fortune is fickle, favors no one

description of the battle

shows Macbeth's valor, King (Duncan) decides to take the Thane of Cawdor who was a traitor in the battle, and give that title to the brave Macbeth (He doesn't know he has this title until end of Scene 3)

Act 1 Scene 3

witches again, since the wife of a sailor won't let her have some chestnuts she decides to punish the husband who is at sea. She calls upon tempests and lets him have no rest, as well as kills off one of his shipmates in vengeance.

Okay, so then Macbeth and Banquo run into the 3 witches. They address Macbeth with the extra title of Cawdor and future king which he is very surprised about. Banquo finds out he will have descendents that will be kings. 2 attendants appears and tell Macbeth he's received the new title of Thane of Cawdor! Hence he believes the rest of what the witches said may come true, but he is very cautious in believing that they have impure intentions.

That's pretty much it, I think.


5th period 10/25/05

We started off Tuesday with Ms. Scheone passing out the John Donne poem. (read Laura's entry for details about that) Then we moved on and started Macbeth. Ms. Scheone went into great detail about where Shakespeare is coming from with all the murders of the Kings of England and how that ties in with Macbeth. My favorite part of class was the acting out of Macbeth. I felt as if I were watching the King's Men in action. It was brilliant! We went through Act I Scene 3-ish, and I can't wait till tomorrow when we continue! -kt


6th Period- 10/25/05

First day in school for the week, and it was a Tuesday! Thank you Wilma! Today class was kinda small because all of the ICC kids were at their meeting. Class began with Polina eyeing my Pita Chips. Sorry, I would have given you some, but they are too good. We got the John Donne poem for us to write about as a diagnostic essay (no thank you to Wilma for that one). The essay is due on Friday, typed. It should explain the meaning and how literary devices help convey the meeting. We then started Macbeth with a background on the play. We read through part of Scene III in Act I. Good job to the readers. Amar's "ummmm.... God Bless the King" in a very unenthusiastic voice was most enjoyed. have a good one- Laura

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Whether you like it or not...

Orange County Public Schools will be closed on Monday, October 24.



trop dep

just for you daniel....

Tropical Depression Alpha Advisory Number 5

Issued at: 10:36 AM EDT 10/23/05 (gateway). Alpha weakens over the mountains of hispaniola, torrential rains will continue,At 11 am, 1500z, the tropical storm warning for the entire coastlines of the dominican republic and haiti has been discontinued.A tropical storm warning remains in effect for the turks and caicos and for the southeastern bahamas.

Friday, October 21, 2005




Today in 6th period we took an Anglo-Saxon/Renaissance test. Then, Ms.Schoene passed out Macbeth books, assigned some parts to be performed, and told us to have Act I read by Tuesday. I think that's about it. Have a good weeked guys..i'm off to bed,



Friday 10/21/05

Hey1st period, it's John-E. Well, here's the breakdown from Friday's class. We kicked it of with a 50 question test on the Anglo Saxons - Renaissance. Basically, it was a duzie. After the test, we began signing up for performance roles in Macbeth, and we were also assigned books. This weekend we need to have read Act 1, and if you are performing, you need to be very familiar with your part. Thats it, so have a good weekend and who knows maybe Wilma will give us Monday off, saweeeeeet.


And one more thing...

I just scrolled through all of the blog entries for the week and I wanted to thank everyone who wrote. I loved Kush's reflection on the ride after the end of Cross Country, knowing that in 20 years when he heard the song from that ride that the memory would come back. There are so many songs like that in my life... and the connections last forever. Thanks to everyone who mentioned the Senior Superlatives too... it is a silly thing, but fun too.
It's 6:45 on Friday and I am still at school. Gotta go or my husband will send out a search party.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


6tH pErIoD (The Evil Sequel) bY aMaR

common, dont run too far...
its only amar
(thats an iamb) stress on the second, not the first
Understand that Burt?

i walk into class and am not suprised to see polina eyeing michelle's muffin. i think michelle noticed too, becuase she offered it to polina who, with the help of LT(laurel), ate that muffin quicker than a fat kid eats cake. then unfortunately michelle showed me her crotch sticker that sam gave her. sam gave me one later on that was the profile of a puritan lady. mrs. schoene told the asian kids not to play musical chairs with the sub on monday. then we took out our stress worsheet and polina couldn't find hers so i said she probably ate it. she found it after a couple minutes put michelle didn't so i had to share mine with her, just like when we were reading scarlet letter. when we finished with that, we took out our lit books and were rudely interuptted by some enviro kids: emily d., katie cro. and carolyn knabel (you know her mom does the art work for the front cover of the sports page in the sentinel!) all came in. they said they went to wekiva/wekiwa springs park, thats literally in my back yard and mrs. bell's too...mrs. schoene asked if we had read any of the sonnets in the lit book...we said no...she said, like usual, we were behind the other classes. we read sonnet 16 and emily completely shut down matt mickalizyzianakanya's interpretation. mead also thought he knew what was goin on, but then said he pulled an andrew levin, apparently he eats lunch with him. so then some people remenisced about the kid and his mouth that never closed...then we moved on...em keller decided to pop in...we read the next sonnet, and i think matt was tryin to redeem himself because he said he read this one in terri's shakespeare book during calc and said it was his fav. suuuuure...the sonnet was cool, em k said she thought bill shakespeare was weird for writing like this, then mrs. schoene described snow ball boobies and how the dresses back then pushed them up so they stuck out...aaaaah..."common amar not at school!"..."sorry everybody"...he he...back to reality...matt said he probably wouldve been hot back then since being pastey white was the fashion. i think i would have been popular too...after being locked in a scaffold and burned at the now everyone was laughing at matt so he was more red than white...see, i can't do that either...we related the sonnet to the friends episode when ross was marrying some chic but said rachels name instead...and also to some soap opera that has been around since the fifties...i would elaborate more but my memory is a little shady, i was on a roll with my doodling...jus messin, of course, mrs.schoene...then we read sonnet 1,498 in the sound 'n sense book. after class i checked out a lit book...some other kids came in, namely, david "the traitor" irvin who didnt come to school yesterday which was the day we were goin to do our bio exp. but he didnt dissappoint the juniors in our gruop b/c they don like him, in fact they made fun of him the whole time. they definately had no gangsta love for d-money....kellie cross crossed the line by tryin to swipe my book...but i was to quick for her...
(warning: mrs. schoene and those of you who get offended easily do NOT continue skip to last two lines :)
then i thought i smelt a fart...
my bad, just joseph hart
and his girlfriend frank
that he bought at the skank-bank
hey koosh, call me A-mar one more time
i'll diss you in a nastier rhyme
sorry if you didnt find this funny
anyway, if you want to bet some money
i got the chi-sox in six
so u betta bet me quick

study hard everybody, ye-hah!



(clapping.....) wow, i couldnt hold a flame to Amar's post...that was beautiful. Alright..let's see, what happened in sleepy second period...we went over the last few pages of the meter packet (we wont be tested on that friday but schoene said to expect a quiz some time soon)...the medieval/beowulf quiz is going to be firday (fur-day, cute)....make sure to study the history portion and know how to interpret Chaucer's criticism/admiration in Canterbury....sonnets reviewed today (in lit bk): 73 on page 226, 116, 130, and the one on page 39 from sound/sense (note the puns-"lies", "vainly")...dont be fooled by's actually satirical (little tricky)...he's pretty much making fun of the popular poetry at that time in history (fluffy/women=perfect)...that's pretty much it...Amar's post is pretty hilarious though (sidenote: i cant believe the juniors dont have any "gansta love for d-money"...that's just crazy)..


10/20 period 1 stuff

hey we began class by going over the different poems in the rhythm packet from yesterday (To Helen, The Eagle, etc). Then we went over a couple of Shakespeare's sonnets. That's about it....test tomorrow on literature stuff: Anglo-Saxon (alliteration, caesura, kennings), Middle Ages (courtly love, chivalry, etc), Canterbury Tales (tones toward different people), Renaissance (Humanism, influence of Greeks, brief history prior to Queen Elizabeth I, etc). Starting Macbeth tomorrow, so buy books if u want to. alright... go study! as for me...back to physics lab...*sigh*


10/18/05 (Tuesday)

Sorry for the tardiness, but better late than never, right?

So Tuesday, we started off with a brief discussion of the Renaissance. From there, we led into a few English Renaissance rulers, Henry VIII, Bloody Mary, and finally (but definitely not least), Elizabeth.

We then went over the sonnet forms. The Italian (Petrarchan) Sonnet is ABBAABBACDECDE (or CCDDEE). The Shakespearean Sonnet is ABABCDCDEFEFGG.

Ms. Schoene discussed the competing theories as to whether Shakespeare actually existed or not, but noted that it really doesn't matter to her.

Finally, we read Shakespeare's Sonnets 18 and 29.

And as Chris said... Come to the band concert tonight :)


"Those who agree with us may not be right, but we admire their astuteness."

Greetings, fifth period. Hopefully everyone has sufficiently recovered from their WLII-induced drowsiness. Today we continued with scansion, beginning with going over the packet from yesterday. Most people found it relatively easy, though the final poem, "To Helen" by Poe, was a somewhat tricky. We then delved into sonnets, wrapping up LXXIII, which contained three different metaphors for a dying person. We also looked at CXVI, the marriage sonnet, in which Shakespeare praises the power of true love, and CXXX, in which he parodies the tired sonnet clichés of his time (i.e., the subject of the poem is not ugly). The last sonnet we analyzed was CXXXVIII. This sonnet was different from the others, using a heavily sarcastic tone to discuss the relationship of a older man and his young wife. Also Shakespeare employed numerous puns, including on the words "vain", "habit", and "lie." That about wraps it up. Remember, test tomorrow (50 questions, multiple choice) on the English literature stuff: Anglo-Saxons, Beowulf, Middle Ages, and The Canterbury Tales. Also, remember to bring in your copy of Macbeth, if you so desire. Finally, and apologies for the shameless plug, but come to the band concert tonight! 7:00, Main Campus Auditorium.

- Chris

Wednesday, October 19, 2005



i know this has nothing to do with english but i felt like posting's somthing i wrote after my last XC meet...

I'm finished with CC now. Conference meet was today, and my season is at an end. Now I'm listening to 3eb's 'Jumper' over and over, recollecting the pre-dawn car ride to Cat Gap for the final run of running camp in brevard. I can vividly remember sitting in the first row between two people, with that nagging feeling of inadequate sleep being negated by the realization that a week of intense training is about to capitulate atop a gigantic frickin rock. But I was totally relaxed by the gentle swaying of the van as Coach made his way to the campsite in his slightly reckless fashion along the slopes and curves of the deserted mountain roadways. I just sat and stared ahead, and listened to the stereo system in anticipation of the trials to come. I get the feeling that 20 years from now I will hear this song again and vividly remember that car-ride. I've put so much into this team, and now it's over. Only now do I realize this.


Wednesday - 2nd period

So half of todays class was dedicated to picking senior superlatives, ranging from best car and cutest couple, to most athletic. After doing senior superlatives we continued to work on a scansion worksheet, and practiced identifying stressed and unstressed syllables. We practiced using our names and learned technical terms for stressed and unstressed syllables. We learned about iambs, trochee's, anapest's, dactyl's, and spondee's. One example of am iambic foot is control, an unstressed syllable, followed by a stressed syllable. We also learned to classify by the number of a feet, for example three iambic feet make an iambic trimeter. Mrs. Schoene also collected the Word Lit II drafts and so far the quiz on Beowulf is still on Friday.


Shaye Reportin In

well hey 5th period. um my bad i almost forgot that i had to write the blog today i dont know how i remembered but i just did. um what did we do in class today? we came in and we had to vote for senior stuff like best hair, who actually pays attention to stuff like that? i dont know. but however, i will try to read off some of the names that i could remember. emily got most athletic along with neil. go on with yall bad selves! crystal was biggest flirt, of course keon stole the category of best smile. how could be not? hes always smilin'. i guess thats a good thing. of course chris and alex stole the category of most likely to succeed i think it was. how could they not? well anyways thats enough of that. movin on'
we were given a scansion worksheet to practice identifying accented and unaccented syllables. after practicing adams, susans, my name. we moved onto the worksheet. from class i learned of all the possible ways of identifying the syllables: first by sounding it out and making best of what you hear, and then there was the put your hand under your chin but that doesnt work for me cuz then my chin hits my hand for every syllable, and finally the most method we had fun with was saying the words in a spooooky voice. how do we sound, 16 17 year olds saying words in a spooky way? lol. well anyways that is all that we did all class period, dont forget to finish the worksheet and if you didnt turn in your WL2 paper, dont forget to do that tomorrow as well. honestly todays class was fun, there was student-teacher interaction. hope we have more activities that require our interaction. well gotta go do pysch. peace out. hopefully yall liked my blog, if not too bad, j/k!!!! i luv yall!


6th Period- Wednesday

We spent about half of the period just doing senior superlatives (Maria for President!!). Then we worked on Rhythm: Identifying Stressed and Unstressed Syllables. That was the name of the packet Ms. Schoene handed out. We learned how to categorize the patterns too (iamb, trochee, etc). It was pretty easy. And we turned in our World Lit II papers at the beginning of class. That's about it. See you all tomorrow.


here we go..

today's my day so here it is...
first period spent the majority of class doing senior superlatives so there's not much to report.
we did some scanning with poetry and our names and such to see where the accents were and talked about all the different types like iamb, and i honestly can't remember the rest. Ms. Schoene gave us a handout, it's all pretty straightfoward and in there so if you weren't here today my world lit 2 skipping friends, just ask for the packet. you'll be good to go.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


2nd period 10/18 by ASHLEY

helloooo everyone. this is ashley, even though it says that it's ryan. i can't remember my blogger password, so i had to use ryan's. :('s class was pretty sweet. mrs. schoene talked about the difference in the rhyme schemes of shakespearean and plutarchian/italian sonnets. the plutarchian/italian sonnet rhyme scheme was abbaabbacd or something like that. the basic structure of the italian sonnet is an octet followed by a quatrain. there's usually a turn in the focus of the sonnet after the octet. in shakespearean sonnets, the rhyme sceme is something like ababcdcdefef??? or maybe i don't notes are confusing. anyways, shakespearean sonnets are usually 3 quatrains followed by a couplet. there is usually a turn in the focus of the sonnet after the second quatrain and after the third quatrain. in class today we read two sonnets written by shakespeare. the first sonnet that we read was comparing a woman to a summer's day, and shakespeare wrote that the woman was immortalized through the poem. the second sonnet was self-loathing and depressing. the speaker of the sonnet wanted everything that others had.

world lit 2 papers are due tomorrow. wheee i know that all of you guys are going to have such a wonderful time finishing up your papers :)

<3 ashley


6th period
||||| /+++\ _..._
dX_Xb |O_O| <z_z>

10/18/05 = 1/9 = .111 etc.

Just a few keynotes of today's class:

We talked about Chaucer's descriptions of:
good link to read the Canterbury Tales...

We talked about the Renaissance era... 1485 - 1660 or something 'round there.
We went over Shakespeare's form of the sonnet, different from the original Italian sonnet because of the rhyme scheme.
Usually the sonnet begins with a few paragraphs about something, then has a turn, a change in what he was talking about, usually indicated by a conjunction such as "but", "yet", etc.
Check out the wikipedia article for more info on this stuff

I'm not in an especially creative mood today, so I apologize for the dry nature of today's blog... and I sincerely hope I didn't forget anything important.

Monday, October 17, 2005


10/17/2005- Period 1

Let met start off with due dates first:
World Lit II Paper: 10/19/2005
Test: 10/21/2005
The test is on the everything from the Lit Book that we have done, meaning the Anglo Saxons (including Beowulf and the Ballads), the Middle Ages (Caterbury Tales), and I'm not sure, but I think what we do with Renaissance is also going to be on the test too.

On to the summary.
We started off class with an Invitation to Write. The topic was "The seeds you have planted this weekend." Then Joseph and Mrs. Schoene shared, informing us that out invitations to write will be minimal because of the enormous work load this nine weeks. This is my plea to Mrs. Schoene and I hope the rest of you will make one too.
Mrs. Schoene, please do not take away our invitation to write. I enjoy having this time for reflection and I always learn something new about my peers everyday (like today I learned about Joseph's interest in the art of filmmaking.)
Moving on, we then finished our discussion on the Canterbury Tales and the Middle Ages and moved on to the Renaissance. If you would like notes, I'm sure one of the very friendly people in our class will help resolve that issue.
As for me, the World Lit II paper is calling.


10/17/05 Period 2

Today began with an invitation to write. It was about "planting the seeds" of friendships or relationships or other things that have the potential to grow. So we wrote about any seed-planting we did over the weekend. Mrs. Schoene also said we may not be able to write as much for the invitations to write. Kind of dissapointing... invitations to write spark my interest most of the time and I actually like writing down things to satisfy myself and not others.
Next we talked about what was going to be on the tests. We are going to have to the chronological order of certain events of the middle ages, and we need to know some basic information about the general history and some Anglo-saxton stuff of the time period. We also need to remember what Beowolf was about, what kind of character he is, and that loyalty is a major theme (especially with that one character at the end who stands by him when he's fighting the dragon... drawing a blank for the name though...). Uhh more stuff for the test... the prologue to the Canterbury story, basically he is being critical of some characters and praising others... he makes it kind of hard to tell sometimes. Today we talked abotu the Miller... hes ugly, strong, and dishonest... (author was critical) and then the pardoner... he is basically being criticized too. and finally the summoner who is easily paid off, and abuses his power as a legal authority.

Saturday, October 15, 2005



So, just out of curiosity, how many of the rest of IB started this long weekend out ambitiously toward homework & discovered that the ambition was inadequate? I feel so blissfully lazy. :-)

Friday, October 14, 2005

I cannot find the quote in THOTS where Trueba says that Blanca inherited his stubbornness. Anyone can help me out there?

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Did you make good choices?

Well kids, homecoming just happened. I hope you all made good decisions and said "no way" to the boo-tay.

But seriously, thanks to those who made it extra special for me *cough David, Mead, Ryan, Ashley, Joseph, Jessel, Grace, Leonore, Laura, Whitney, Vaish, Matt, Christine, Shanine, Tiffany, Shareen, Terri cough*.

Hope you all had an excellent time. Except you, Mudge. I hope your time was simply mediocre.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005



Since we're in the Anglo-Saxonish mood...Spamalot

The Broadway musical of Monty Python and the Holy Grail...
Some of their songs actually remind me of the style of VeggieTales...

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Boredom strikes, part I

So, I'm bored. Just finished the history essay thing. Thought I'd add this here. Why not?

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