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Tomorrow is the last day for the shirts!

Please bring $7 if you want one.

Last chance! They're funny!


To blog or not to blog... that is the question

I am wondering about the degree of usefulness you all are finding in this blog. Has anyone actually used it to find out what you missed in class or to get a sense of the discussion? Do I need to do more with the blog during class to make it more a part of our discussion? Or is it worth doing at all? I know we are all busy, and I know there are some who have never logged on at all. So, please let me know what you think. For the second semester, can we continue in a way that makes the blog more meaningful?

Neal was my hero for the day today. Fifth period is the only class that got to the analysis of "Valediction of Weeping." It is a difficult poem, so I had everyone read it and work on it individually first. Then I had everyone get with a partner to share ideas. Neal, right at the end of the class, explained how the tears are coins newly minted. So, he is my hero for the day. Also, congratulations to all of those who got their papers in on time. You too are my heroes.

Also, everyone needs to finalize the Hamlet groups and sign up for one Act to present. Also get a copy of Hamlet and start reading!!! Watch all of the film versions of the play too. Kenneth Branaugh, Mel Gibson and Ethan Hawke are the most current, but Sir Laurence Olivier's is certainly a great classic. You'll need to read the play over the holidays so get a head start.

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Very late blog my apologies 2nd period

I finally remembered my username and figured out to log in so here is my very late blog from November 21st again my apologies. Seeing as this was over a week ago I'll just keep it short and sweet. Ms. Schoene passed our sonnets back and we went over how to write explications using different devices and such. Ms. Schoene then shared an explication she had written on the dagger passage. Her explication showed us how to use the devices in such a way that the theme or meaning of the passage is conveyed. We also went over the other passages from MacBeth to prepare for the test.
-Sorry again for the lateness!




If you want one of the IB Senior shirts, please bring your $7 by Thursday!!! I'll be collecting the money in Mrs. Bell's room. I don't know that there'll be change, so just bring exact cash (no checks please!)

Also, tomorrow is the last day for the SHS toy drive!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys, I think I forgot to do my blog a while ago so I decided that I would do one for Wednesday for 6th period.
We decided to go outside for class because it was such a beautiful day! (perfect weather!!) We talked about John Dunne's poetry. He was originally Catholic living in England. Then he truned prostestant. We read 2 of his poems from the poetry book. One was about a flea and love. (written from the Jack Dunne period where his writing was sexual, before the holy sonnets) . I don't remember the other poem.
But we did have 2 visitors in our class. They were skipping their own class and decided to sit in on our class. I don't exactly know why (maybe because they loved poetry so much).
I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving (with more turkey and stuffing than you could possibly eat!) See everyone on Monday (20 lbs heavier).


p.s. Dirty water game...tonight....7pm be there or be somewhere else!!

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Hey guys! I just wanted to wish that you all have a good Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry stuff and pie!

Go to the football game 11/25/05, Friday @ 7:30! It's versus Edgewater! Support your team!

Strength through Discipline! Strength through Action! Strength through Community! ^__^

I also have a question: Why do we use turkeys and cranberry sauce/jelly for Thanksgiving? When did it start? (Why does cranberry jelly scare me so?)

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The Shape of Things

Thanks, Amar, for answering the question about the shape of a football. Teri's answer was interesting too. It's definitely a subject which I know little about. As far as holiday charities, the senior class - that's you- is sponsoring the Angel Tree again. You have to pick an angel off of the tree in the front office and then purchase some clothing for a child. The information about names and sizes is written on the angel. There's a competition for sixth period classes, so I am especially speaking out to sixth.

OK - test on Macbeth tomorrow and then poetry for the next few weeks.
We need to form the Hamlet groups too. If you haven't found/formed a group, start working on that.

Time is runnig out for a conference about your world lit II paper. See me to make an appointment.

How many songs can you name that have the word "shape" in the title or in a key line? The one I keep singing is the Band song"..ohhhhh, you don't know the shape I'm in." Anybody know that song? Great song.
P. Schoene

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Please bring new toys for children to Mrs. Mejia's portable (54) now through Nov. 30. They're going to the Children's Home Society and a bunch of needy kids.

You get points for participation.

Non-SHS members are welcome to participate too! You get my appreciation for participating. I think NHS is doing a drive, so just pick up 2 toys and bring one to each.





Whatever happens to Fleance?


November 15th.....5 days later

So very sorry for having forgotten to do the blog on the 15th as I agreed to do. This last week was a little hectic for me.

I am willing to make up for it by doing a day in a week where I will not have so much on my mind.

Again, I'm so very quite sorry.


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11.18.05 1st Period

hey guys. I completely forgot about the blog on friday..but better late than never i suppose. ok so on friday we broke-up into our groups to discuss our passages from Macbeth. There was only time for one group to present...which happened to be my group...our passage was a soliloquy of Lady Macbeth in Act one scene five after she had got the letter announcing the arrival of Duncan. we talked about the raven being an omen of death, and it being hoarse because it had been destined to happen for so long. we also talked about the Lady Macbeth calling her home "my battlement." And in the rest of the passage, she asks to be striped of her feminity and humaneness to commit such a horrid crime. all other groups should be ready to present on Monday and the test will be on Tuesday, unless your not gonna be here on Tuesday, in which case you hav to take it on Monday....Ok well thas all.... I have notes if u were not here on friday...Have a good rest of the weekend!


Friday's 2nd period class

Hello all! Sorry I forgot to blog on Friday :( In all of the excitement of the beginning of the weekend and pre-football game fun, it just slipped my mind. Anywho, on Friday we broke up into groups to discuss the passages that Mrs. Schoene gave us on Thursday. There was only time for one group to present. The presentation was on Macbeth's speech in Act 3 Scene 1 right before he kills Banquo. The rest of the presentations will be on Monday. Rembember kids, no test on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, November 18, 2005


sportsguy knows all...

yeah....that football question,

it can either be called an ellipsoid, oval of revolution, or prolate spheroid...or as i like to say a lemon...


No one reads comments. :-) I still hold to my former statement... a football's shape is a failed attempt at an elliptical prism. :-)


Charles is My hero for the Day!

One day this week, when I asked everyone how they were, Alex Hart responded, "Happy to be alive." I was so delighted to hear a response other than "tired" or no response at all, that I exclaimed that Alex was my hero for the day. We joked about the possibility of me naming a daily hero and posting the name on the bulletin board. Today, when I read Charles' blog entry and he shared the Biblical passage that closely connects to the themes and motifs of Macbeth, I was astounded at how closely Shakespeare has followed the details of the passage. Shakespeare has many Biblical allusions, and I am certain that he would have known that passage. I have never had anyone point it out to me before. All of you must read it. Wow! Thanks Charles. And I am glad I was able to give you some relief for your birthday Monday by postponing the test till Tuesday. Happy 17th birthday!

Now my second hero is Leonore for asking the question, "what shape is a football?" I don't think it has much to do with Macbeth, but since this is a Friday of a championship game, I am willing to ponder the question. conical? no... trapezoidal?no... spherical? I give up. I hope the shape of things to come tonight is victorical.

All today we split into groups to talk about the excerpt and make potential thesis statements. Of course the asian posse was together (well only 3/4 of it since robert bailed on us). Most of our class did the one excerpt of Macbeth raging about Banquo, and most talked about his greed and power-hungry struggle. Polina and Marisa did the Lennox one which had many parenthetical comments that help establish the sarcastic tone within the passage.

I would also like to say yesterday when I was reading the Bible, this following passage from Chapter 4 of Ecclesiastes reminded me of Macbeth very much:
2 And I declared that the dead,
who had already died,
are happier than the living,
who are still alive.
3 But better than both
is he who has not yet been,
who has not seen the evil
that is done under the sun.
4 And I saw that all labor and all achievement spring from man's envy of his neighbor. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.
5 The fool folds his hands
and ruins himself.

Finally, my birthday is on Monday and I turn 17. I feel old. kinda. and I have my HL Math test on that day. I am extremely grateful that Ms. Schoene moved the test, otherwise I would have 2 tests on my birthday. How extremely wonderful. Chew on that...and swallow.......

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16 November 2005

.........Teacher..............................................................Father.................................................................... his students.
Today, Frank Brogan came in to speak to the English class. I-and I think most of the class-really enjoyed him. He attended the University of Massachusetts after his service as a marine in World War II, and then went on to graduate from Harvard. After he got his first job by chance, he fell in love with teaching and has been an English teacher ever since.

He read us a few great poems as well. First, a humorous poem entitled No Time by Billy Collins. Second, an anonymous poem called School-whose imagery I really liked. Finally, the last poem we read was Catch by Robert Francis.

Thank you Ms. Shoene for bringing him in!

Remember when the charming speaking man said he didn't know how many students he'd fallen in love with or how many had fallen in love with him?

Well, I fell in love with him.

He was just so cute and interesting.

Here's my question: What shape is a football?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


11/15 5th Period

ok, quick things to remember: Wed, guest speaker. Mon, Macbeth test.

We finished Macbeth today, Act V scenes 6-8. In scene 7, Macduff says that he needs to kill Macbeth for vengeance, or he will not be satisfied because his wife's and child's ghosts will haunt him. He also doesn't want to fight any of Macbeth's army because he knows that they are only obligated to Macbeth as king, not because he is a worthy leader. Scene 8: Macbeth claims that he will act like a Roman and kill himself before surrendering. Macduff also reveals that he was born by Caesarean-section, therefore was not "born of a woman" thus fulfilling the final prophesy. Siward represents a Stoic when he hears of his son's honorable death and holds his emotions in check. Line 66, "time is free" has two possible meanings that Scotland is free from tyranny, but also that order has been restored. We also did an invitation to write about ambition and how we keep our own ambition in check. That's it.


Curb your ambition or how not to be Macbeth - Read this before you proceed further!

I was sorry that we did not have more time to discuss this Invitaion to Write topic today. We will return to it again, though, so keep thinking about it. How do we avoid losing site of everything else in our lives and still accomplish great things? So many great achievements in history have been by single minded men and women. Thomas Edison, Michaelangelo, and a host of others I have read about over the years were driven to succeed. But they were driven by something different from what motivted Macbeth.

On another issue... I don't want the blog to be just a dull recount of what we did in class. So, I would like to propose a new angle. Whoever does the blog should hit the highlights of class, but should then offer up an interesting philosophical question inspired by something said or done in class and your own thoughts on the question. Then the next entry, no matter who it is written by, should add any highlights from the class not covered by previous blogger, and some ideas or insights into the previous blogger's question, but also conclude by asking another related question. Let's see if we can make this more of a discussion and more interesting to everyone so that everyone will want to read it on their own each night. I know I need to get back into the habit of reading it daily instead of what I have been doing which is once a week. Also, the questions/responses need to be thoughtful, but they can be humorous too. Let's see where that takes us. I don't want this to be a burden but an outlet for divergent thinking and writing.

Monday, November 14, 2005


11/14 Fifth Period

Hey guys I hope everything is going well for everyone. Today in English we finished talking about Act 5: Scenes 3, 4, and 5. In Scene 3 MacBeth starts to feel frantic, however, he keeps going back to the thought that no man born of woman can kill him. Also, we discussed how things start to become so jumbled in MacBeth's castle that not even the Doctor would want to return. Scene 4 is a short scene and basically it talks about Birnam Forest coming to Dunsinane. Malcolm and his army come prepared for a fight. Adam, Neil, Jena, Emily, Katie, and Clint read Act 5: Scenes 4 and 5 during the period. I have to admit that our performance was pretty solid. Lastly for the day, in Scene 5 MacBeth is trying to get ready for the attack. Even though MacBeth begins to realize the prophecy of the witches, he still believes that he will survive and fight for his life. Toward the end of the period we started talking about the analysis of Bloom. He argues that because a third of the lines in the play are MacBeth's lines, he is the only fully developed character. We only have two more scenes left, and we should finish tomorrow. I hope this helps anyone who missed today or forgot to take notes.


A Message From Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit

waddup yall
i saw 50 cent's movie Get Rich or Die Tryin over the weekend, yall gotta see it...
im not sayin this because im a big fan, ebert and roeper gave it 2 thumbs up and said it was the best gangster movie since scarface...the director is well known jim sheridan, its about 70% based on 50's life, i don't know what else to say the movie kicked ass...if you don't know a lot about him you should really watch it because this guys already taking over everything from music to vitamin water (formula 50)...and after youre done watchin the movie get the serious this movie will open your eyes and give you another perspective on that question about whether youd rather be guilty/free or innocent/jail (youll know what im talkin about when you see this particular scene)...the movie is very raw, so if your sensitive...suck it shows you a part of society we aren't familiar with and maybe youll appreciate him and his work me itll be worth the 6.50, ill even refund you if you dont like it...forget those damn chic flics...aight, im done pluggin...peace out...this goes for you to mrs.schoene, and tell all yall friends too...

the hot hindu


11/14- First Period

Hey all- Okay, I've done this twice, and I still can't figure out how to make paragraphs easily. Today in first period, we discussed Macbeth all period. We're almost done with the play; today we discussed Act V Scenes III, IV, and V. In Scene III, Macbeth is frantic and angry with everyone who gives him bad news. He continually thinks of the prophecies from the witches, using them as a source of comfort. He also discusses his wife's failing condition with the Doctor, pleading with him to "minister to a mind diseased." He also realizes that no one is loyal to him, giving the reader a chance to see Macbeth's humanity. Scene IV is a pretty brief transitional scene, but it serves the important purpose of showing the reader how Birnam Wood will come to Dunsinane: the soldiers will cut down the branches and use them for cover. Scene V is a double blow to Macbeth, as he learns that his wife is dead and that Birnam Wood is approaching his castle. At the beginning of the scene, he still feels confident because of the prophecies and the castle's strength. When he hears the women scream, he says that he has "almost forgot the teast of fear"- in other words, he is so used to the horrors of his life that he has become hard to frighten. Next, we examined the "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow" speech, which shows Macbeth's absolute hopelessness and his nihilistic belief in the meaninglessness of life. The time motif and the stage imagery both serve to show Macbeth's belief that his life is worthless, just a "brief candle" in an endless stretch of days. Okay, that's everything- hope I helped anyone who wasn't there or needed the notes. -Alex

Friday, November 11, 2005


1st pd on veterans day (11/11)

hey wasnt here today but i was supposed to write a blog..anyways i have a feeling i know what happened...soo we went to class and had tok tok we turned in ee and tok paper and then discussed what we already read in sophie's world or consilience. but prepare act 5 for monday...we'll prolly be finishing it up since we started it yesterday. OH and i guess in first period we got progress reports? hope every1 is doin good!! enjoy ur weekends!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


November 7th significantly delayed- 1st period

Hey Kids,
Sorry for the uuber late posting- Tallahassee took me away the past few days.
So on Monday we read through the rest of Act 3 and started Act 4. The story of Macbeth thickens with Banquo's death and Ross, Macduff, and Maclom's suspicions begin to rise about Macbeth's timely crowning. Macbeth's manhood is continually questioned by his less than ladylike wife and so the story goes. Lots of fun foreshadowing and irony.



November 10, 5th Period

Today began with the quiz on Macbeth's Acts III and IV. Mrs. Schoene shared the humorous list of the reasons why it is so very difficult to be a man. We then started Act V. Scene 1 opens under the assumption that some time has passed; a doctor and Lady Macbeth's gentlewoman are discussing the Lady's sleepwalking fits. The gentlewoman refuses to reveal the incriminating content of Lady Macbeth's ramblings. We discussed the possibilities that the gentlewoman is perhaps protecting herself (from Macbeth's rage) or is even perhaps protecting the Macbeths. Lady Macbeth then interrupts the vigil of the doctor and gentlewoman. She is sleeping, but her eyes are open and she holds a candle. The gentlewoman remarks that "She has light by her continually," which refers back to Lady Macbeth's wish that utter darkness would veil Duncan's murder. Lady Macbeth then speaks some of her most famous lines, including "Out, damned spot, out, I say!" Through her talking, it is evident that the Lady is deeply disturbed by the crimes that she and her husband have committed. Although she had originally told Macbeth that just a little water could wash Duncan's murder from their hands, it is clear that Lady Macbeth's conscience is wracked with guilt, not only by the original murder, but by those of Lady MacDuff (and children) and all of the others. The doctor realizes that only a priest can help Lady Macbeth at this point, so he departs.
Scene 2 fulfills the need of giving the audience information on the upcoming battle between Macbeth and MacDuff, Malcolm, and friends. The group of men discusses how Macbeth is currenly fortifying Dunsinane, and that they will march from Birnam. This ties into the witches' prophecy.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Be it thought and done. 11/9/2005 (6)

Ok, I took some notes today so here it goes.

There's a quiz tommorow on acts 3 and 4.

Mrs. Schoene wants us to be able to explain and analyze sililoquies (sp) instead of broad book analysis for our Formal Orals, I think.

Act 4, Scene 1: MacBeth sees witches, told to be wary of MacDuff, don't worry about usurpers unless there are a lot of them (birnam wood until Dunsiname Hill). MacBeth gets pissed over Banquo's descendants becoming heirs to the throne. MacB learns that MacD has gone to England and resolves to kill MacD and his family. MacB won't hesitate to kill anymore.

Scene 2: Lady MacD gets upset that her beau has left for England and calls him a traitor (audience is supposed to wonder if it's to family or country) . She says he's fearful for his own life, but he's more worried about Scotland. The son teases the mother in defense of MacD and a messenger says to leave. The scene ends with murderers killing the Son and Lady MacD.

Scene 3: This is a really convoluted scene where MacD tries to get Malcolm to produce some testosterone and take back Scotland from evil MacBeth. Malcolm is wary so he pretends to be vile and corrupt to test MacD's loyalties. Eventually MacD gives up on Malcolm and then Malcolm goes back to normal and they agree to fight to take back Scotland. This is the scene in translation:

MacD: Let's stop MacB, he's screwing Scotland over.
Malcolm: Not yet, I don't trust you.
MacD: Are you affeered of the throne (play on words between rightful ruler and afraid)
Malcolm: Even if I could rule you wouldn't want me. I'm a pretty horny dude.
MacD: Heh, we've got plenty of girls in Scotland that will sleep with you. Women like kings.
Malcolm: I'm greedy too.
MacD: There's enough to go around in good ole Scotland!
Malcolm: I suck. There's nothing good about me.
MacD: This is hopeless! You're worthless! Poor Scotland!
Malcolm: Just kidding. I'm actually a noble virgin.
MacD: Say what?

Royalty supposedly has a magic touch too. MacDuff is truly the ideal patriot because he sacrifices personal gain and even his own family for the good of the country. Whether or not that is the right system of values is up to you to decide.


5th period

-edited our I.B. testing schedule's with Ms. Price
- finished talking about Act 4 [ quiz on Acts 3 & 4 tomorrow ]
*Ross/Macduff's discussion about Macduff's family*
- went over Acts 1 & 2 quiz

World Lit. final draft due Nov. 30th

- justine


1st period

Sorry this is so late! I forgot that I was supposed to do it today...until now. We finished reading Act IV scene III and are almost done discussing it. The big thing that happens in this scene is the conversation between Malcolm and Macduff. Malcolm isn't sure if he can trust Macduff so he starts saying how he wants many women, he's very greedy, and he lacks all the qualities needed to be a good king. Macduff is truly distraught to see this, and his behavior enables Malcolm to trust him. Malcolm reveals that he has never been with a woman, and that he's not greedy at all. Macduff is very relieved but quite overwhelmed because he just heard two very conflicting stories.

Mr. Bass then came in to talk to us about confirming our schedules for exams and other such fun stuff.

Reminders: WLII paper due November 30th.
Bring in canned goods! We are quite lacking!



Supposed to be Tuesday 6th Period

Hey guys,
So sorry about doing this a day late. I was stressing out last night, as usual, about my psych essay and art project and just completely forgot. Anyways, we started the period with Mr. Bass. We signed a paper confirming our IB exam plans. So if you were absent that day, make sure you go see him about that. We also discussed the World Lit II paper, which is due November 30. Let it be said, again, that if you turn in your final copy without having made any corrections from your first draft, your essay grade will suffer! So, if you are having trouble with your essay, Ms. Schoene is will gladly make an appointment to help you; just don't wait until the week its due. We finished off the period with a little Macbeth. We finished Act Four, Scene One, in which Macbeth returns to the witches asking for more tips into his future. Three Apparitions tell him that he should beware Macduff, no man born from a woman will harm him, and that he will be safe until Birnam Wood passes the high hill at Dunsinane. When Macbeth learns that Macduff, whom he was planning to kill, fled to England (to talk to Malcolm), he decides to have Lady Macduff and her son killed instead. In Scene Two, Lady Macduff, the son, and Ross talk about Macduff, and Lady Macduff declares him a traitor to the family for fleeing. Then a messanger comes and tells Lady Macduff to flee, for danger comes, but she says that she has done nothing, so she remains and then she and her son are murdered. In the last minutes of the class, we started Scene Three, in which Macduff talks to Malcolm about how evil Macbeth is and how much Scotland needs to be rescued from him. However, Malcolm is unsure of where Macduff's loyalties lie. Then the bell rang and we all went home/to band/to crew/to wherever. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Eric Grenda put on a fabulous performance as the son. Robert gave him the honor of "best death." Well, that's it! See you tomorrow, guys. And Don't forget that Extended Essays and TOK essays are due Friday!


Inane Bloggings of a Madman --OR-- What Happens When I Forget To Do The Blog 'till 1:00 AM

Whoaa!!! So sorry, I totally forgot that I had to do the blog today... well, better late than never! Here it goes:

So we in Period the Second, lacking a day that wast given to the purpose of informing the Senior Class about the sacred Cap and Gown ordering information, did finish Act III and made minor progress into Act IV. Thus we commence in the midst of Act III, Scene IV, where Macbeth doth see the ghost of the Good Banquo, now deceased (hence, ghost), breaking Macbeth's nerves in front of all the influential lords in the Kingdom. Here we see Banquo's honorable nature in that he kept the promise made to Macbeth in Scene I that he would "Fail not [the] feast" despite his slight case of Death. And whilst Macbeth doth quiver in fear at the sight of gory Banquo, his Lady covers his sudden fit essentially by saying that his fit was but a momentary lapse in sanity and that he would recover soon. However, to Macbeth himself she once again challenges his manhood, being thus exasperated by his poor conduct and convinced that the image of Banquo was but a product of his imagination. After Macbeth composes himself and Banquo temporarily departs, the former makes a mini-speech (containing Mrs. Schoene's favorite line) reflecting on the good old days when murdered people would remain dead. After a few more visits from everyone's favorite corpse, the lords are dismissed prematurely, the feast having been ruined, and Macbeth comments on how "blood will have blood." That is to say, Macbeth's murders give incentive to others to do the same to him, such as Macduff who is in open rebellion, and also that Macbeth must continue in his bloody path because stopping and going back would be just as difficult as continuing. Finally, Macbeth doth tell his wife that he will visit the Weird Sisters early the next morning to figure out his fate, once and for all, and be rid of all his uncertainty.

Scene V is seen as illegitimate by virtually everyone, so we discussed it not.

Scene VI depicts not only the heavy suspicion by the Lords and Vassals and the general acknowledgement that Macbeth is indeed guilty of all the murders, but also indicates that Scotland is undergoing some sort of depression under Macbeth's rule, meat and mental peace having become scarce. Lennox asks the random Lord about the whereabouts of Macduff, and learns that he hast gone to England to converse with the English King Edward, as well as Malcolm, so that armies from Northumberland and Siward would be raised up to overthrow Macbeth. Macbeth, in response, commenced his own war preparations.

As for Act IV scene I, we only finished reading the witches' chant, from which Mrs. Schoene pointed out a great deal of discrimination, against Jews (those pesky Jews!) and the turks (those pesky oil-laden Iraqis!) Then the Bassenator came with an IB form that we had to correct and sign, a very important matter as he emphasized repeatedly, and class ended.

Reminder! World Lit 2 due on the 30th! And the EE + TOK Paper (of DOOM) is due this friday. Don't pull a Juan! Turn in that EE! Failing Senior year of high school is NOT a good thing!

Right, so sorry again for the extremely late post. Shakespeare picture to come later! Yarr!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Tuesday in First Period

Alright so today we mainly focused on the Fourth Act of Macbeth. In the first scene we learned that Macduff (who always reminds me of the Simpsons "Duff Man"...everyone's favorite beer mascot) has fled to England to seek the help of Malcolm. Macbeth learns of his escape and realizes that he is a threat to his rule. In a true display of his cruelty, Macbeth orders Macduff's family slaughtered. Scene two opens with Lady Macduff talking to her son. She is angry that her husband left her alone and afraid of the actions that the brutal tyrant Macbeth will take in his absence. She curses him saying that he probably fled in fear. In the end, the murderers appear and take care of the whole family. Meanwhile in England, Macduff finds Malcolm and tells him he must return to defeat Macbeth. Malcolm begins to test Macduff saying that if her were king he would rape all the women in the town and his lust would never be satisfied (a comment that drew the usual comment from David). Macduff reacts with surprise, but continues the discussion. Malcolm continues with his test saying that he would be a greedy king and would steal all the land from the nobility. He then asks Macduff if he was fit to rule and Macduff responds with he is not fit to rule or even live. Malcolm then tells him that he is truly a virgin and does not value the possessions he has currently and would surely never seek more. Macduff is relieved. His relief quickly turns to....heart wrenching sadness... as he learns of the massacre of his family. The act thus ends and so did class. Remember to bring cans in first period our current total is......let me count it all up......oh yes....ZERO...

See you guys tomorrow


Tuesday 5th Period

OK! so today we read Macbeth. We finished up reviewing Act IV Scene 1 which basically said that Macduff has fled and Macbeth now wants to kill his family, showing the bloody nature of Macbeth. Scene 2 opens with Lady Macduff talking to Ross about Macduff's flee. She believes that he left out of fear and betrayed his family. We discussed how she probably still loved Macduff but was upset and very emotional when she calls him a traitor and says he is dead. We discussed the bird imagery(lines 11 and 36) and discussed the irony in the son saying he was a bird. The mother and child are murdered and Mrs. Shoene pointed out that Lady Macbeth was not killed onstage which possibly means that she was raped as well. We then read Scene 3 but only discussed through line 154. This scene is about Macduff going to Malcolm to ask for help in killing Macbeth. Malcolm does not trust Macduff at first and questions his intentions. Malcolm says that he is not worthy makes Macduff think that he is not only not fit to govern but not fit to live either. Malcolm finally believes that Macduff is being honest and takes back what he says, confusing Macduff. And then the bell rang and we will finish scene 3 tomorrow!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Are you a man?

Today in class we discussed the end of Act III(Scene IV - VI). We also began to act out Act IV.

In Scene IV, Macbeth learns that Banquo was killed by the murderers, but Fleance had escaped. The dinner party begins, but when Macbeth goes to sit, he finds the ghost of Banquo, which he reacts to accordingly with fear and surprise. Macbeth's guests are alarmed but Lady Macbeth tells them to continue chatting and eating and pulls him aside. She questions his manhood again, saying "Are you a man?"(Act III, Scene IV, Line 72) Macbeth is clearly upset about something, but no one else sees it, so Lady Macbeth compares this to the dagger in A. II S. I, saying it's something from his imagination. The ghost returns and Macbeth goes into another fit. Lady Macbeth quickly sends the guests home, because she knows something is clearly wrong and does not want Macbeth to say anything that he will regret. After the guests exit, Macbeth begins to wonder about Macduff's absence. Macbeth also realizes that he's spilled so much blood that there's no point in not continuing to do so,

"I am in blood
stepped in so far that, should I wade no more,
returning were as tedious as go o'er."(Act III, Scene III, Line 169).

He decides we will once again visit the Weird Sisters for more advice.

Scene V is the scene that is considered to be unimportant and possibly not part of the original play. It is a meeting between Witch one and Hecate.

Scene VI is a meeting between Lennow and a Lord. Lennox and this Lord have met in the past, and they clearly trust each other. Lennox talks about the recent deaths. He explains very sarcastically that Banquo was murdered by Fleance because Fleance fled, as was with Duncan, who must have been murdered by his sons Malcolm and Donalbain. He also talks about how valiant Macbeth was for killing the drunken guards,

"Did he not straight,
In pious rage, the two delinquents tear,
that were the slaves of drink and thralls of sleep?
Was not that nobly done? Ay, and wisely too!
For 'twould have angered any heart alive <-------------- More like anger Macbeth ^__^
to hear the men deny't." (Act III, Scene VI, Line 11)

He continues by telling the Lord that he believes Fleance, Malcolm, and Donalbain would all be killed by Macbeth if they returned. He then asks about Macduff's situation. The Lord explains that Macduff fled to England to seek protection and to amass an army to fight Macbeth. Both the Lord and Lennox make it clear that they pray for the success of Macduff, because Macbeth's rule is one "Under a cursed hand!"(Act III, Scene VI, Line 52).

I think I got most o' the good stuff...


Go to the awesome combo-concert of doom on Tuesday 11/15, in the auditorium, time TBA(Robert probably knows). The Prism Concert has the band, orchestra and chorus all performing together. It's going to pwn!

I would just like to tell everone that this is about the 239624348385725 time I've blogged tonight so I'm rather frusturated with this whole thing.

Anway, today Mrs. Schoene passed out most of the rest of the World Lit. II papers. We then read MacBeth act III scene v, act III scene VI, and began act V. Mrs. Schoene informed us that people who read Shakespeare a lot think that act III scene V was not actually written by Shakespeare. Mrs. Schoene then did a semi-recognizable impression of thunder. We also discussed the irony of the Banquo's ghost scene. At the dinner, MacBeth claims he wishes Banquo were present (knowing that Banquo is probably dead) and then Banquo's ghost appears. Tiffany provided the comic relief by blowing a huge bubble gum bubble the size of her head. It was hilarious. Then we discussed a little more MacBeth and then the bell rang. (For this summary of today's class I was thinking of writing "I don't know. Why don't you tell me." becuase the Socratic method is the best method for conveying information.)

Also, remember to bring in your $ for caps and gowns

<3 Jackie C.
(I am using Robert's login)


Monday Nov. 11 - 5th Period

Today Mrs. Schoene passed out most of the rest of the World Lit. II papers. We then read MacBeth act III scene v, act III scene VI, and began act V. Mrs. Schoene informed us that people who read Shakespeare a lot think that act III scene V was not actually written by Shakespeare. Mrs. Schoene then did a semi-recognizable impression of thunder. We also discussed irony in Banquo's ghost scene. At the dinner, MacBeth claims he wishes Banquo were present (knowing that Banquo is probably dead) and then Banquo's ghost appears. Tiffany provided the comic relief by blowing a huge bubble gum bubble the size of her head. It was hilarious. Then we discussed a little more MacBeth and then the bell rang. (For this summary of today's class I was thinking of writing "I don't know. Why don't you tell me." becuase the Socratic method is the best method for conveying information.)

Also, remember to bring in your $ for caps and gowns!

(I am on Robert's login)

Sunday, November 06, 2005


5th Period on Friday

OK so after a series of mishaps, I can finally post what we did on Friday...well as much as I remember. We continued reading Macbeth and got to the point where Macbeth hires two murderers to kill Banquo and Fleance because he sees them as a threat to his crown. When the murderers go to kill Banquo and Fleance a third murderer shows up and the original two feel as if Macbeth doesn't trust them. It is not revealed who the third murderer. It is speculated that it may have been Macbeth himself but there is no proof. The murderers succeed in killing Banquo but Fleance manages to escape. In the following scene, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are hosting a dinner party with all the major characters there minus Macduff. Suddenly, as he is about to take his seat Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo in his seat and goes hysterical. Lady Macbeth tries to calm him as well as provide excuses to the guests as to Macbeth's strange behavior. She tells them that Macbeth has had fits like this since he was a child. Macbeth continues to go on about the ghost and eventually Lady Macbeth is able to calm him down only after the guests have left the room. That's the story in the play so far. I think we continue on Monday with Act III Scene V. Has anyone else noticed that the Weird Sisters is also the name of the band that plays at the Christmas party in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

~ Tiff


6th period 11/02/05

Hey guys,
Sorry it's a little late, but here's what we did last Weds.:
First, we handed out the Bright Futures flyers then got into our descussion of MacBeth. We quickly recapped the dagger scene of Act II scene i, right before MacBeth kills Duncan. Then, in scene ii, Lady MacBeth is waiting for MacBeth to return from killing Duncan. Already she seems worried and somewhat agitated. Then MacBeth comes in and they talk about the murder. It is a very tense and almost confusing scene. The MacBeths are already feeling the consequences of the murder and both forshadow what is to come. Lady MacBeth forshadows madness and Macbeth talks about lack of sleep with several metaphors of sleep soothing and mending, something he will not be able to do. Lady MacBeth then talks more about MacBeth's manhood and scolds him for returning with the daggers, which she goes and replaces by the guards. Lady MacBeth smears the blood on the guards so now she too has the blood on her hands. She says taht some water will wash it off, but MacBeth uses the hyperbole that not even the ocean can wash the blood off his hands, but instead, he will turn the sea red. At the end of the scene it is clear that MacBeth wishes he did not kill Duncan.
In scene iii the porter is drunk and imagining that he is opening the gate to hell when he hears MacDuff knocking on the door. This type of comedic relief is typical in Shakespearian tragedies. The porter makes moany jokes about lechery which would have been very funny to the people of the time. He also talks about alcohol causing nose painting, sleep, and urine and the types of people who would go to hell and why they are there (for example, the equivocator). When MacDuff comes in, he finds the body of Duncan, MacBeth kills the guards, and then gives his explanation. What is ironic is that MacBeth has to pretend to be upset about Duncan's murder while in reality he truly is upset about the murder. Lady MacBeth then faints and Duncan's sons whisper to eachother of their plans to flee the country because they could be the next target of killing. Another source of inrony in this scene is the talk of the sight not being suitable for Lady MacBeth when she is truly vile and the most in favor of the death in the first place.
We were then going to read and discuss scene iv, but the bell rang. This scene is a discussion between Ross and an Old Man.

I hope this is helpful to someone/anyone! sorry if it is incoherent!
later aligators,

Friday, November 04, 2005


Class on Thursday and Friday

2nd period - Hey yall! We didn't have class on Thursday due to the senior Herff Jones assembly BUT, we did have class on Friday. Today was fun. At the beginning of class, Mrs. Schoene handed out a sheet for the IB directory. If you weren't at school, make sure you pick one of those up from Mrs. Schoene ASAP and fill it out. We also got back our Renaissance tests...yea. We got to review those and then take our Macbeth quiz. Study up for that one. After the quiz, we read the beginning of Act III and discussed it a bit. Banquo is beginning to become suspicious of Macbeth. Finally, at the end of class, the announcements came on and we were told our senior superlatives. Congrats to all you guys that got one! Have a great weekend everyone!!! <3

Thursday, November 03, 2005

oops...I didn't finish my thought. The finale was okay thats it. Great, I know. Sorry bout that, but have a good day.



5th Period - November 3rd

Hey guys,

So today we spent the first couple minutes of the period reviewing our Macbeth notes for the quiz on Act I and II. Right before the quiz, we got back our Renaissance/Middle Ages/Anglo-Saxon test from last friday (I think). We asked any questions and bargained for more points as usual. After the quiz, our class, which is slightly behind the others if I'm correct, started Act III Scene I.

We discussed the feelings and thoughts of Banquo and Macbeth now that Macbeth is king. Sorry, nothing else is really coming to mind currently.

As a reminder, we will be continuing to read the scenes in class, so make sure you are preparing to read and explain the passage(s). Okay, thats


You all are great!

I've just read through the recent blogs and I wanted to tell you that most of you are doing a great job. Of course, the ones that mention details from our discussion and mention if handouts were distributed are the most helpful. It is also funny for me to read the comments about my sound effects and other dramatic flourishes... I could really get carried away as we warm up on the performances. It's time for all the frustrated actors to come to life and for all of those who never imagined themselves as Shakespearean actors to start warming up to the idea.

I would like to go ahead and form the Hamlet groups and let you all pick the Acts you would like to be responsible for. We won't do Hamlet till after Christmas I've decided, but I would like you all to know what act you will be focusing on so that those of you who would like to memorize lines can start working on it if you want to. It really is fun, and I want everyone to memorize at least a little bit of their part.

So keep on blogging... and I would like some feedback on whether or not any of you are using the blog to find out what you missed or to review? Is it fun at all? Can we make it more fun, meaningful? Does anyone ever have a question that you didn't raise in class that you would like to throw out to the group in this forum?

One more thing, I am plugging away at the WLII papers. That's what I need to get back to now. I certainly hope to have them all back by next week. I will be glad to have conferences with anyone who has already gotten his or her paper back and needs to discuss ways to improve.


2nd period-wednesday

This is shana on sam's account just to let you know. Im a day behind also so i am writing for wednesday's class. Wednesday we finished signing up for our scenes for Macbeth. We then finished act 2 and talked about it. Thats basically all we got through since it was a short day.Our class' quiz is friday since we had the assembly thursday.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


1st Period- 2 November

Hello all!

For the first half of class, I was in the auditorium for the Spanish Honor Society music festival thing so I missed English. From what I gather, we finished reading and discussing Act II. If you need notes or more detailed information, maybe check another period's entry or get notes from someone else. Sorry I don't have all the info!!

Also, we signed up for scenes to perform from the next three acts. I'm not sure on the specifics, but I think essentially you just have to be familiar with your scene and able to read it.

And! Yes. There's a quiz tomorrow on Acts I and II, which should be a cake walk (get it, band kids?) if you've read, paid attention, and taken notes.

Yours Truly,


5th Period

Today Ms. Schoene assigned the acts of Macbeth to the class and we continued to discuss Act II. Shareen and I performed Act II, Scene 3 (which was incredibly well done, by the way) and others continued with their scenes. They did a good job, too, but nothing really beat Act II, Scene 3 (it was unbelievable.) We ended on the scene where the Old Man and Ross discuss the events surrounding King Duncan's murder, including the odd behavior of Duncan's usually tranquil horses, which reveals how good a man Duncan was and the amount of grief everyone is expressing as a result of his death. The quiz on Acts 1 and 2 will be tomorrow, so be sure to read it...but, of course, all of us already have. Okay, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.
-Katie Thagard

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


2nd period

No test/quiz thing. Instead we recieved a list of vocab words found in Macbeth and then defined the words. We then started reading act II of Macbeth. We spent quite a bit of time discussing how Macbeth keeps thinking of all the implications of the murder in his head. Eventually, he even hallucinates and imagines a dagger in front of him. As he questions his sences, the scene becomes even more gruesome with the dagger starting to become covered with blood. After he commits the deed, Lady Macbeth has to take the bloddy dagger back into the king's bedroom because Macbeth is too upset to see him again. We left off at the point where Macbeth and Lady Macbeth hear a noise.


Fifth Period

For as simple as posting a new entry is, I really had some difficulty. Thanks to Katie for pointing out the obvious... Fifth period was pretty sweet today. Started out defining some vague vocabulary for the next few acts in Macbeth-- see Mrs. Schoene for this handout, along with a few others if you were absent. We quickly finished up Act I in MacBeth, hitting on obscurity in MacBeth's tone in lines 83-85, sc. 7 (resignation? admiration?), and the second occurance of "face" as a motif in line 95, sc. 7. Moving on to Act 2: We spent some time talking through the first few lines, but our main attention was drawn to MacBeth's soliliquy, lines 42-77, which will be a choice for our Formal Orals. We started to consider MacBeth's situation: Is he tempted from outside evil forces, or perhaps his own, inne, demonic imagination? Cue bell and cue mass exodus. On a completely different note, props to Chris McBryde for some mad drumming in tonight's concert. Chorus kids in the audience were having a lot of fun rockin out to your sick beats (haha). --Shaina


First Period 11/01

Hello my lovely fellow IB-ers!
Today in class, we did NOT test on "Macbeth". That's NOT panic! There was NO test. Instead, Mrs. Scheone decided that we will discuss all of Act II before we test on it so that we are sufficiently prepared. Therefore, after we received 3 handouts (which you should ask Mrs. Scheone for if you were absent), we defined all the big words in the play and discussed Act II. Mrs. Scheone threw in some humor (which may or may not have been intentional since she had been unable to sleep after 3:00 in the morning) when she howled like a coyote, made her own sound effects for stairs, and informed us that she could not get the song "Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange, blackblackblackblackblack" out of her head. Our homework for this eve is to look ahead and find one or two scenes in later Acts of Macbeth that we would be interested in paying special attention to for performance in front of the class. I believe that is el fin. I love you all. Have a wonderful evening!

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