Sunday, December 04, 2005


bradley's theoretical stuff-athon

Sometimes I wonder whether or not the lives we lead are actually our real lives, or if we are simply observing reality through some sort of a metaphysical window.

Something I did think about a couple of times that kind of plays into that: what if every individual is like the God of their own personal universe, and that universe is what we perceive? As in, I have created the people in my mind that I am friends with, I have created everything I perceive, and it is my own personal existence. That means that everybody would perceive their own universes, ompetely independent of everyone else.

Or maybe I'm just crazy. :P

but Brad, if everyone has their own universe, or, as I prefer to put it, their own utopia inside their head, wouldn't the happiest person on earth be in a coma, insane, or dead? This is one of my favorite theoretical topics. :-) I'll bring it up later. :-) (you've just earned a lot of teri-harassment.)
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