Sunday, December 04, 2005


The only thing we know is that we know nothing at all

Thinking about reality and contemplating our existence is a difficult task, especially when one (namely me) is very drowsy due to Nyquil. However, some clarity manages to make its way through the fog. I have never been one to dwell on questions such as this one. Whether or not we are "real" is impossible to say. Could we just be attached to some computer like in the Matrix, or just part of the dream of the Fayth (play FFX for more). This whole discussion has me thinking about the concept of infinity that Ms. Schoene brought up in class on Friday. I work with infinite all the time in math class with limits and L'hopital's rule. However, the term infinity was little more to me than a sideways 8. But just sitting outside made me think about how beautiful the sky is and at the same time howinsignificant it must be to the beauty of the universe. Then i began to think of how insignificant our lives are. The fact that, for example, a few years ago we just saw a supernova that happened 4,000 years ago. And how can anything have no beginning and no end? So many questions came to mind. But the biggest one of all is... are we really people? Do we actually exists or are we just in some dream world? If this question fails then all the other questions I raised do too. I guess I agree with Descartes and his simple yet profound statement: "I think therefore I am". But then, Sophie could think too couldn't she? The only thing I really know is that I know nothing at all (except how to take some integrals of some numbers).

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