Sunday, December 04, 2005



Ok so with the talk of reality going around i am reminded of something that i used to think about so much in middle school (when i was an even bigger nerd than i am now). I used to theorize that our entire universe was only part of a series of universes of varying size. This is kinda difficult to explain but imagine that in each atom of your body there is another universe and that our universe is just sitting on the atom of some gigantic persons finger. I used to think about the corresponding shapes of atoms and other subatomic particles and large "universal" structures such as solar systems and galazies (planets spinning around a sun = electrons spinning around a nucleus). Now i know that the science people are gonna jump all over me on this one because of charges and other things like that and i realize that because ive already come up with a number of things that discredit the theory, but it is just interesting to think about. How we thing our lives are the center of the universe, but our universe may be only a small part of someone elses universe who is just as selfish as us. Just food for thought....


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