Sunday, December 04, 2005


Sophie's World discussion

All this talk of unique perceptions reminded me of an episode of "Home Improvement" in which Wilson (the neighbor) said that he was afraid that his life/reality was the creation of someone else's dream, and when that person woke up, his life would end.

I liked Katie's idea of humans as God's entertainment; again, I was reminded of a computer game that my cousin used to play in which you as the gamer controlled an entire world, and it was up to you to decide whether you were a benevolent god or an evil one. I thought that this idea of good or evil, and if you were the supreme creator of a universe which one you would choose to be, tied in with Kant's Universal Law of Morals. After all, the beings of your world would certainly hope that you had chosen the path of kindness--as you would, too, if you were not the god but the creation.

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